Senin, 25 Juni 2012
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Accessory CodesEdit
Avatars.swf CodesEdit

    back_cherubwings_grey - Avenger Wings
    back_cherubwings_pink - Cherub Wings
    back_cherubwings_white - Cherub Wings
    bottom_blue - Pants
    bottom_brown - Pants
    bottom_green - Pants
    bottom_heartboxers_pink - Heart Boxers
    bottom_heartboxers_white - Heart Boxers
    bottom_overalls - Overalls
    bottom_purple - Pants
    bottom_red - Pants
    bottom_skirt1 - Skirt
    bottom_skirt2 - Skirt
    bottom_skirt3 - Skirt
    bottom_skirt4 - Skirt
    bottom_skirt5 - Skirt
    bottom_skirt6 - Skirt
    bottom_skirt7 - Skirt
    bottom_skull_black - Pants
    bottom_skull_grey - Pants
    bottom_star_blue - Pants
    bottom_star_red - Pants
    foot_sandal1 - Sandals
    foot_sandal2 - Sandals
    foot_sandal3 - Sandals
    foot_shoe1 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe2 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe3 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe4 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe5 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe6 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe7 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe8 - Sneakers
    foot_shoe9 - Sneakers
    hand_blades - Blades
    head_bandana1 - Bandana
    head_cigar - Cigar
    head_construction - Construction Hat
    head_cowboy - Cowboy Hat
    head_german_helmet - WWII Helmet
    head_hachimaki - Hachimaki
    head_hat1 - Hat
    head_jet_helmet - Pilot Helmet
    head_mustache - Mustache
    head_rdeerAntler2009 - Deer Antler
    head_rdeerRudolph2009 -
    head_santaBeard2009 - Santa Beard
    head_santaHat2009 - Santa Hat
    head_sombrero - Sombrero
    head_swat - SWAT Helmet
    top_body_armor - Body Armor
    top_dress1 - Dress
    top_dress2 - Dress
    top_dress3 - Dress
    top_fatigues - Tactical Vest
    top_gi_blue - Gi
    top_heart_beige - Heart Shirt
    top_heart_blood - Broken Heart Shirt
    top_heart_red - Heart Shirt
    top_leather_jacket - Leather Jacket
    top_playdom_black - Playdom Shirt
    top_playdom_blue - Playdom Shirt
    top_playdom_purple - Playdom Shirt
    top_playdom_red - Playdom Shirt
    top_playdom_white - Playdom Shirt
    top_playdom_yellow - Playdom Shirt
    top_poncho - Poncho
    top_sherrif - Sheriff Vest
    top_skull1_black - Shirt
    top_skull1_olive - Shirt
    top_skull1_red - Shirt
    top_skull2_blue - Shirt
    top_skull2_pink - Shirt
    top_skull2_white - Shirt
    top_skull_black - Shirt
    top_skull_white - Shirt
    top_spike_collar - Spike Collar
    top_star_blue - Shirt
    top_star_pink - Shirt
    top_striped_black - Striped Shirt
    top_striped_blue - Striped Shirt
    top_striped_orange - Striped Shirt
    top_striped_red - Striped Shirt
    top_tactical_vest_olive - Tectical Vest
    top_tank_olive - Tank Top

Accessories.swf CodesEdit

    back_cherubwings - Angelic Wings
    bottom_jersey24 - Shorts
    bottom_nerd - Nerd Pants
    flag_samurai - Samurai Flag
    foot_clown - Clown Shoes
    hand_foam_blue - Foam Hand
    head_helmet_cb0x - Biker Helmet
    head_helmet_an4o - Biker Helmet
    head_chief - Chief Headdress
    head_chieftain - Chieftain Hat
    head_clown - Clown Hair
    head_glasses1 - Nerd Glasses
    head_glasses2 - Glasses
    head_glasses3 - Nerd Glasses
    head_glasses4 - Rockstar Shades
    head_glasses5 - Rockstar Shades
    head_glasses6 - Groucho Glasses
    head_glasses7 - Aviator Shades
    head_goatee - Goatee
    head_greyhair - Uncle Sam Hair
    head_hat2 - Mounty/Explorer hat (Similar to Mounty hat but without the belt, is flatter and has different color)
    head_headband1 - Headband
    head_lampshade - Head Lampshade
    head_mask1 - Tiki Mask
    head_mohawk_red - Red Mohawk
    head_mohawk_yellow - Yellow Mohawk
    head_nacho - Head Nacho
    head_ninjaA_midnight - Shuriken Headband
    head_ninjaA_white - Shuriken Headband
    head_pharaoh - Pharaoh Headdress
    head_pirate - Pirate hat
    head_sam - Uncle Sam Hat
    head_samurai - Samurai Helmet
    head_whistle - Whistle
    head_wizard - Wizard Hat
    toga_headpiece_lbem - Laurel Wreath
    top_ankh - Rosary/Cross Necklace
    top_axe - Axe
    top_beads1 - Beads
    top_beads2 - Beads
    top_biker1 - Biker Coat
    top_biker2 - Biker Coat
    top_bowtie_red - Red Bowtie
    top_brazil_jersey - Brazil jersey
    top_charm - Tiki Necklace
    top_chieftain - Chieftain Top
    top_clock - Clock
    top_england_jersey - England Jersey
    top_fangs - Fangs
    top_flower - Flower
    top_fur - Fur Coat
    top_graduate_black - Graduate Shirt
    top_guitar - Guitar
    top_harness - Harness
    top_jersey24 - Bright Top
    top_loud - Tiki Shirt
    top_nerd - Nerd Shirt
    top_ninjaA_midnight - Ninjutsu Mesh
    top_ninjaA_white - Ninjutsu Mesh
    top_pharaoh - Pharaoh Top
    top_playdom_brown - Playdom Shirt
    top_playdom_green - Playdom Shirt
    top_portugal_jersey - Portugal Jersey
    top_sam - Uncle Sam Coat
    top_samurai - Samurai Armor
    top_sash - Red Sash
    top_skull3 - Skull Shirt
    top_spain_jersey - Spain Jersey
    top_sport1 - #1 Shirt
    top_suspenders - Suspenders
    top_tactical_vest_blue - Tactical Vest
    top_trench1 - Detective Shirt
    top_trench2 - Detective Shirt
    top_usa_jersey - USA Jersey
    top_wizard - Wizard Cloak

Accessories1.swf CodesEdit

    Afro - Afro
    AstroGloves - Astronaut Gloves
    AstroHat - Astronaut Helmet
    AstroShirt - Astronaut Shirt
    BoxingPants - Boxing Pants
    BrownVest - Brown Vest
    CastroBelt - Revolutionary Belt
    CastroHat - Revolutionary Hat
    CastroShirt - Revolutionary Shirt
    CastroShoes - Revolutionary Shoes
    ChefHat - Baker's Hat
    DevilHorns - Devil Horns
    DevilShirt - Devil's Shirt
    DragonClaws - Dragon Claws
    DragonShirt - Dragon Shirt
    FootballHelmet - Football Helmet
    FurHat - Fur Hat
    Geisha1 - Geisha Hair
    Geisha2 - Geisha Hair
    Geisha3 - Geisha Hair
    GeishaRobe - Kimono
    GoatHorn - Horns
    GreenFeet - Green Feet
    HeadPhones - Headphones
    IBelt - IBelt
    KnightBelt - Knight Belt
    KnightFoot - Knight Shoes
    KnightHat - Knight Helm
    KnightShirt - Knight Armor
    LionHair - Lion Hair
    MilitaryGoggles - Military Goggles
    MilitaryHat - Military Hat
    Militaryshirt - Military Shirt
    NewGeta - Wooden Shoes
    Skates - Skates
    SnowGloves - Snow Gloves
    SnowHat - Snow Hat
    SnowShirt - Snow Shirt
    SnowShoes - Snow Shoes
    SpaniardBelt - Spaniard Belt
    SpaniardHat - Spaniard Helm
    SpaniardShirt - Spaniard Shirt
    SportPants - Sports Pants
    SportShirt - Sports Shirt
    SpyGloves - Spy Gloves
    SpyHat - Spy Hat
    SpyShirt - Spy Shirt
    StudShirt - Studded Shirt
    Tattoo - Face Tattoo
    UniHorn - Unihorn
    hand_boxingglove - Boxing Gloves
    head_luchador - Luchador

Accesories2.swf CodesEdit

    BoxingBelt_h6f0 - Boxing Belt
    back_cherubwings_grey - Avenger Wings
    back_cherubwings_purple_0tkf - Cherub Wings
    back_featheredwings_b8r0 - Feathered Wings
    back_sachel - Sachel
    back_skeleton_wings_btj5 - Skeleton Wings
    bottom_aviator_pants_asji - Aviator Pants
    bottom_bakerspants_tki4 - Baker's Pants
    bottom_baseball_pants_e5a9 - Baseball Pants
    bottom_beachshorts_n5m0 - Beach Shorts
    bottom_disco_pants_l75d - Disco Pants
    bottom_doctors_pants_fd3d - Doctor's Pants
    bottom_egyptian_skirt_o1cb - Egyptian Skirt
    bottom_elf_pants_yv7p - Elf Pants
    bottom_firefighterpants_540w - Firefighter Pants
    bottom_fishingpants_m7iw - Fishing Pants
    bottom_gangsterpants_f9ea - Gangster Pants
    bottom_golfpants_ea59 - Golf Pants
    bottom_grass_skirt_729b - Grass Bottom
    bottom_hockey_bottom_6q5l - Hockey Pants
    bottom_kilt_113b - Kilt
    bottom_leprechaunpants_aci3 - Leprechaun Pants
    bottom_mardigras_tki4 - Mardi Gras Pants
    bottom_overalls1 - Overalls
    bottom_pilgrim_h1pp - Pilgrim Pants
    bottom_prisoner_6c4w - Prisoner Pants
    bottom_red_pants_f830 - Red Pants
    bottom_ringmaster_pants_n56o - Ringmaster Pants
    bottom_sailorpants_mhxj - Sailor Pants
    bottom_santa_v1hq - Santa Bottom
    bottom_soccerpants_8vjj - Soccer Pants
    bottom_tennisshorts_60n5 - Tennis Shorts
    bottom_track_pants_rkgp - Track Pants
    bottom_viking_xqwe - Viking Pants
    bottom_warrior_bottom_qdma - Warrior Bottom
    bottom_wrestling_pst0 - Wrestling Pants
    flag_australian_m91c - Australia Flag
    flag_bangladesh_cpo8 - Bangdalesh Flag
    flag_checkered_qbg9 - Checkered Flag
    flag_ireland_kry2 - Ireland Flag
    flag_mexico - Mexico Flag
    flag_turkey_g8lv - Turkey Flag
    flag_us - US Flag
    foot_archer_shoes_nxgg - Archer Shoes
    foot_bagpiper_shoes_f289 - Bagpiper Shoes
    foot_beachsandals_07r9 - Beach Sandals
    foot_cleats_e140 - Cleats
    foot_clog_shoes_ajxv - Clogs
    foot_elf_shoes_b0a4 - Elf Shoes
    foot_fishing_boots_79r0 - Fishing Boots
    foot_flippers_ppk3 - Flippers
    foot_gangster_shoes_0f4b - Gangster Shoes
    foot_golf_shoes_r790 - Golf Shoes
    foot_hockey_skates_c8ss - Hockey Skates
    foot_leprechaunshoes_5f23 - Leprechaun Shoes
    foot_mardigras_b0a4 - Mardi Gras Shoes
    foot_militaryboots - Military Boots
    foot_moccasins_tq1s - Moccasins
    foot_pilgrim_shoes_fk5h - Pilgrim Shoes
    foot_pirate_boots_umvm - Pirate Boots
    foot_rabbit_slippers_08c7 - Rabbit Slippers
    foot_racingshoes_ocw9 - Racing Shoes
    foot_rollerblades_a1j0x - Roller Blades
    foot_running_shoes_v6z0 - Running Shoes
    foot_springshoes_1a0xj - Spring Shoes
    foot_viking_shoes_bcx0 - Viking Boots
    foot_warrior_sandals_vf92 - Warrior Sandals
    foot_wrestling_sneakers_0fum - Wrestling Sneakers
    hand_baseballglove_pljq - Baseball Glove
    hand_blades - Blades
    hand_warrior_shield_u9ge - Warrior Shield
    head_anubis_head_bp3g - Anubis Headgear
    head_archer_hat_naak - Archer Hat
    head_aviator_hat_fepb - Aviator Hat
    head_bagpiper_hat_d905 - Bagpiper Hat
    head_baseballcap_i0sk - Baseball Cap
    head_beachhat_v3ar - Beach Hat
    head_beret_3785 - Beret
    head_boxing_helmet_qhzo - Boxing Helmet
    head_chef_hat - Chef Hat
    head_cowboy_hat - Cowboy Hat
    head_crown - Imperial Crown
    head_detective_hat_44fb - Detective Hat
    head_doctors_hat_616d - Doctor's Hat
    head_elf_hat_fppy - Elf Hat
    head_explorer_hat - Explorer Hat
    head_farmer_hat_fiq6 - Farmer Hat
    head_firefighterhat_o9tq - Firefighter Hat
    head_fishinghat_var3 - Fishing Hat
    head_french_mustache_zmaa - French Mustache
    head_gangster_hat_4a67 - Gangster Hat
    head_glasses8 - Aviator Shades
    head_golf_hat_c0cx - Golf Hat
    head_graduate_cap - Graduate Cap
    head_greenhornet_mask - Green Hornet Hat & Mask
    head_headband_ew72 - Feathered Headband
    head_helmet_cb0x - Helmet
    head_hockey_helmet_4oid - Hockey Helmet
    head_kato_mask - Kato Mask
    head_kingcrown - King Crown
    head_kufi_nut2 - Kufi
    head_libertycrown - Liberty Crown
    head_lumberjack_hat - Lumberjack Hat
    head_mardigras_by1f - Mardi Gras Hat
    head_monocle - Monocle
    head_mountain_hat_rva3 - Mountain Hat
    head_musketeer_hat_8vik - Musketeer Hat
    head_newyear_hat_by1f - New Year Hat
    head_party_glass_ravo - Party Glasses
    head_pattys - Leprechaun Hat
    head_pilgrim_hat1 - Pilgrim Hat
    head_pilgrim_hat2 - Pilgrim Hat
    head_pilgrim_hat_tzwc - Pilgrim Hat
    head_pilot_hat - Pilot Hat
    head_prisoner_rrub - Prisoner Cap
    head_rabbit_ears - Rabbit Ears
    head_racinghelmet_4i1d - Racing Helmet
    head_referee_black - Referee Hat
    head_ringmasterhat_var3 - Ringmaster Hat
    head_sailorhat_hb9a - Sailor Hat
    head_santa_hat - Santa Hat
    head_snorkeling_mask_tc8o - Smorkeling Mask
    head_straw - Straw
    head_suit_tophat - Suit Top Hat
    head_viking_hat_o6c0 - Viking Hat
    head_warrior_helmet_6vup - Warrior Helmet
    head_wrestling_helmet_tuf8 - Wrestling Helmet
    mini_baldeagle - Bald Eagle
    mini_bee - Bee
    mini_bug - Bug
    mini_devil - Devil
    mini_dodo - Dodo
    mini_elephant - Elephant
    mini_falcon - Falcon
    mini_hermitcrab - Hermit Crab
    mini_lynx - Lynx
    mini_octo - Octopus
    mini_owl - Owl
    mini_parrot - Parrot
    mini_parrot_1 - Parrot
    mini_phoenix - Phoenix
    mini_pig - Pig
    mini_polarbear - Polar Bear
    mini_polarbear_1 - Polar Bear
    mini_puffin - Puffin
    mini_ram - Ram
    mini_reaper - Mr. Tiny Bones
    mini_reindeer - Reindeer
    mini_robot - Robot
    mini_shark - Shark
    mini_sheep - Sheep
    mini_snake - Snake
    mini_toucan - Toucan
    mini_turkey - Turkey
    mini_turtle - Turtle
    mini_walrus - Walrus
    mini_walrus_1 - Walrus
    mini_witch - Witch
    mini_zombie_canary - Zombie Canary
    mini_zonkey - Zonkey
    misc_beachumbrella_b9qg - Beach Umbrella
    monster_wig_ujo2 - Monster Wig
    musketeer_mask_q2yl - Musketeer Mask
    pirate_eyepatch_dhm3 - Pirate Eyepatch
    toga_sandals_oq6i - Toga Sandals
    top_archer_shirt_notx - Archer Shirt
    top_aviator_jacket_rgoq - Aviator Jacket
    top_backpack_m504 - Backpack
    top_bagpiper_5abf - Bagpiper Top
    top_bakersjacket_od6o - Baker's Jacket
    top_baseball_jersey_47fb - Baseball Jersey
    top_black_cat - Black Cat Shirt
    top_chef_uniform - Chef Uniform
    top_construction_vest_7ntu - Construction Vest
    top_detective_cape_006e - Detective Cape
    top_detective_jacket_a13c - Detective Jacket
    top_disco_shirt_9en0 - Disco Shirt
    top_doctors_coat_8ad7 - Doctor's Coat
    top_earthcostume - Earth Costume
    top_egyptian_necklace_zt6r - Egyptian Necklace
    top_elf_yzcq - Elf Shirt
    top_explorer - Explorer
    top_firefighterjacket_rea2 - Firefighter Jacket
    top_fishingtop_27z6 - Fishing Top
    top_french_shirt_2983 - Shirt And... (Unknown Name)
    top_gangster_suit_98a7 - Gangster Suit
    top_goldneck_tie_lztj - Gold Neck Tie
    top_golftop_4f7b - Golf Top
    top_hawaiian_shirt_71f8 - Hawaiian Shirt
    top_hockey_jersey_23ld - Hockey Jersey
    top_hoodedsweatshirt_7g97 - Hooded Sweatshirt
    top_jetpack (DO NOT USE) - Jetpack
    top_kaftan_shirt_nlg2K - Kaftan
    top_lederhosen_overalls_h14w - Lederhosen
    top_lei_157b - Lei
    top_leprechaunjacket_0vyn - Leprechaun Jacket
    top_life_jacket_bab0 - Life Jacket
    top_lumberjack - Lumberjack Shirt
    top_magician_cape_c337 - Magician Cape
    top_magician_coat_78d3 - Magician Coat
    top_mardigras_78d3 - Mardi Gras Shirt
    top_musketeer_shirt_gosv - Musketeer Shirt
    top_native_americal_shirt_0ifh - War Top
    top_parachute_pack_1aw4 - Parachute Pack
    top_pilgrim_shirt_73q7 - Pilgrim Shirt
    top_pilot_uniform - Pilot Uniform
    top_pirate_vest_j7z6 - Pirate Vest
    top_police_uniform - Police Uniform
    top_prisoner_j7vh - Prisoner Shirt
    top_rabbit_suit_622f - Rabbit Suit
    top_racingsuit_h1w4 - Racing Suit
    top_referee_uniform - Referee Uniform
    top_ringmaster_jacket_o6Rt - Ringmaster Jacket
    top_robe_6h0g - Skull Robe
    top_sailorshirt_6inc - Sailor Shirt
    top_santa_vbwb - Santa Top
    top_shellnecklace_zt6r - Shell Necklace
    top_silk_jacket_1825 - Silk Jacket
    top_soccerjersey_gd00 - Soccer Jersey
    top_stethoscope_a8c1 - Stethoscope
    top_suit_black - Suit
    top_tennisjacket_noaa - Tennis Jakcet
    top_toga_u0k3 - Toga
    top_track_jacket_qf7h - Track Jacket
    top_warrior_cape_y939 - Warrior Cape
    top_warrior_top_dtk8 - Warrior Top
    top_wet_suit_23f6 - Wet Suit
    top_wrestling_3n2u - Wrestling Shirt
    viking_shirt_40wt - Viking Shirt
    witch_boots_oxnc - Witch Boots
    witch_hat_he45 - Witch Hat
    z_c - ???
    zombie_pants_gck2 - Zombie Pants
    zombie_shirt_owm8 - Zombie Shirt
    zombie_wig - Zombie Wig

Pets CodesEdit

    armadillo - Armadillo
    bat - Bat
    bird - Bird
    cat - Cat
    chameleon - Chameleon
    crocodile - Crocodile
    dino - Dino
    dog - Dog
    dragon - Dragon
    duck - Duck
    fox - Fox
    hammie - Hamster
    hedgehog - Hedgehog
    hippo - Hippo
    kangaroo - Kangaroo
    koala - Koala
    lion - Lion
    monkey - Monkey
    panda - Panda
    penguin - Penguin
    platypus - Platypus
    porcupine - Porcupine
    rabbit - Rabbit
    raccoon - Raccoon
    rhino - Rhino
    sheep - Bighorn Sheep
    squirrel - Squirrel
    super_skunk - Super Skunk
    tiger - Tiger
    werewolf - Werewolf
    yeti - Yeti

Snack CodesEdit

    acorn_2imm_icon - Acorn
    apple_icon - Apple
    avocado_fcum_icon - Avocado
    brain_nhz7_icon - Brain
    cactus_kgtx_icon - Cactus
    carrot_icon - Carrot
    cherries_icon - Cherries
    chipssalsa_icon - Chips and Salsa
    chocolate_yyuq_icon - Chocholate
    coconut_icon - Coconut
    cornedbeef_gqco_icon - Corned Beef
    cranberry_24qm_icon - Cranberry Sauce
    croissant_icon - Croissant
    cupcake_0ogk_icon - Cupcake
    dumpling_2k9c_icon - Dumpling
    fruitcake_pmh3_icon - Fruitcake
    kingcake_6f6e_icon - King Cake
    kiwi_hiu4_icon - Kiwi
    mango_icon - Mango
    marshmallow_7f81_icon - Marshmallow
    pineapple_icon - Pineapple
    pomegranate_352b_icon - Pomegranate
    pretzel_bb5e_icon - Pretzel
    radsalad_icon - Super Salad
    sportsdrink_icon - Sports Drink
    strawberry_icon - Strawberry
    watermelon_icon - Watermelon

Weapon CodesEdit

    airstrike - Missile Shower
    antigravmissile - Anti-Grav Missile
    anvil - Anvil
    alligatorcage - Caged Alligator (new)
    candy_corn_mirv - Candy MIRV (new)
    beartrap - Bear Trap
    babybeehive - Baby Beehive
    babyflame - Baby Napalm
    babynuke - Baby Nuke
    bakersdozen - Baker's Dozen
    birdiestrike - Birdie Shower (new)
    blizzard - Blizzard
    candy_grenade - Candy Grenades (new)
    clustergrenade - Cluster Grenade
    cranberry - Cranberry Missile (new)
    potato1 - Potato 1 Missile (new)
    potato2 - Potato 2 Missile (new)
    cluster_drill - Drill Cluster (new)
    cow - Cow
    drillFO1 - Purple Drill Missile
    drillcluster - Drill Cluster
    drillstrike - Grave Digger
    earthquake - Earthquake
    fireworks - Fireworks
    flame - Napalm
    flamechild - Flame
    gas - Gas Gun (new)
    gameovernuke - Game Over Nuke
    gammastar - Gamma Star
    gammaray - Gamma Ray
    gammabeam - Gamma Beam
    giant - Hamster's Giant Form
    goo - Goo Blobgun
    goochild - Goo
    goolake - Mega Blobgun
    mosquitoswarm - Mosquito Swarm (new)
    goopuddle - Baby Blobgun
    gooshotKI1 - Killer Goo
    goostrike - Goo Airstrike
    grenadeEL1 - Rubber Grenade
    grenadeHU1 - Orange Grenade
    grenadeshower - Mega Cluster Grenade
    impulsemissile - Unknown
    jet - Jet
    jumbomissile - Jumbo Missile
    kissgoodby - Kiss GoodBye
    lightningstorm - Thunderstorm
    lantern - Lantern
    lasercannon - Laser
    mossgun - Moss Gun (new)
    marshmallow - S'more Shot
    megamirv - Mega MIRV
    megamirvchild - 1 Missile from Mega MIRV
    meganinjastar - Mega Ninja Stars
    meganuke - Mega Nuke
    mines - Mine Cluster
    minestrike - Mine Shower
    minigun - Minigun
    mirvHU1 - Orange MIRV
    mirvSC1 - Scatter MIRV
    mirv - MIRV
    mirvchild - 1 Missile from MIRV
    mirvchildHU1 - 1 Missile from Orange MIRV
    mirvchildSC1 - 1 Missile from Scatter MIRV
    mortarFO1 - Purple Missile
    mortarKI1 - Killer Missile
    mortar - Missile
    multishot - Missile Stream
    multishotchild - 1 Missile from Missile Stream
    napalm - Napalm
    ninjastar - Ninja Stars
    nuke - Nuke
    queenbee - Queen Beehive
    queenbeechild - Queen Bee
    quintuplets - Quintuplets
    rubbergrenades - Rubber Grenade Trio
    razor_apple - Razor Apples (new)
    rubbergrenadestrike - Rubber Grenade Shower
    rubbermirv - Rubber Grenade MIRV
    rubbermirvchild - 1 Missile from Rubber Grenade Shower
    scratch - Cat Scratch
    spiderstrike - Spider Bomb Shower (new)
    shotgun - Shotgun
    shuriken - Shuriken
    starfiled - Starfield
    tornado - Tornado
    tornadocluster - Tornado Cluster
    tornadogrenade - Tornado Grenade
    trick_bag - Trick or Treat Bag (new)
    unknown - Unknown
    zoobomb - Impulse or Zoo Bomb
    zoo - Impulse or Zoo Bomb (new)
    batfly - Bat Fly
    batton - Baton
    beechild - Bee
    bone - Dog Bone
    boomerang - Boomerang
    chainsaw - Chainsaw
    climb - Monkey Climb
    crate - Weapon Crate
    dart - Dart
    dig - Armadillo Dig
    drill - Drill Gun
    dualpistol - Pistols
    dynamite - Dynamite
    flamethrower - Beehive (it might be flamethrower but it shows beehive)
    goo - Goo Blobgun
    gooshot - Goo Ammo
    grappling - Grappling Hook
    gravbubble - AntiGrav Bubble
    grenade - Grenade
    harpoon - Harpoon
    healthEquipA - Health Kit A
    health - Health Crate
    heartdynamite - Love Note
    lasercannon - Laser Cannon
    lightning - Shock Rifle
    mallet - Mallet
    mine - Mine
    punch - Panda Punch
    acidcloud - Poison Cloud (new)
    spider - Spider Bomb
    shield - Energy Shield
    queenbeechild - Queen Bee
    superjump - Bunny Hop
    teleport - Teleport
    trout - Trout
    ==walk - Walk==

Weapons That can hack only Tamper DataEdit


Link CodesEdit

    M0D7T9V6 - 3 MIRVS
    vBvBgzqk - 5 Teleporters
    B3F5H5I3 - 2 Soccer Balls
    W8N3O4K2 - 2 Gingerbread Houses
    E8H4F5O2 - 3 Sweetheart Grenades
    O4K3N5V8 - 3 Quintuplets
    cFaFUpgw - Minigun
    U8D9I3N2 - 5 Trick or Treat Bags
    U6T4D9N3 - 2 Mine Showers
    8T2t7cYE - Gamma Ray
    DN72P8T2 - Mega Nuke
    N8H4F6C5 -
    C7K4D6S9 - 2 Fire Axes
    T8H3Y4N4 - 2 Candy Mirvs
    wQ94V4VU - Kiss Goodbye
    L8F7N4O4 - 2 Katana Swords
    V8T3K5N8 - 3 Exploding Turkey 2's
    S7F6E9V6 - 2 Witch's Broom's
    C8D5E4X9 -

Assets Codes (They have no use and cannot be hacked)Edit


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